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The era of teleworking has quickly made us accustomed to working in a calm and rather quiet environment and thus more conducive to concentration. Now that we can go back to the office and get back to our open-concept workstation, what about our ability to concentrate in this noisy place where the sounds of the photocopier rub shoulders with the discussions of our colleagues around us?

The open space is always appropriate because it provides several advantages: community life and exchanges between colleagues, maximizing the use of available square footage, creation of non-assigned workstations, etc. We simply need to adapt the layout so everyone can find a quiet area to perform a task that requires concentration or intimacy to make an important call.

Yes. But how? Easy. Acoustic cabins!

Facilitate exchanges without disturbing colleagues who need concentration. This is possible with an acoustic booth.
Composition and materials

The acoustic booths are small independent rooms that can be placed all over your layout. They are generally composed of 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling, lighting. There is also electricity and a ventilation system. Depending on the cabin model, you can also integrate certain technological tools such as a screen or outlets of all kinds, but also a sprinkler if the standards in place require it.

The booths can be dressed in different materials, some of which offer bright colors.

Without a doubt, acoustic booths have everything you need to match your environment. So that they are less massive, these cabins usually have 2 glass sides while the other 2 sides are dressed in melamine panels, available in a variety of colors. Some manufacturers even offer stunning colors, applied by paint (fixed by catalyst) or with vinyl film. One thing is certain, acoustic cabins are all but boring.

Inside, the walls are covered with felt panels. This material has excellent acoustic properties. This allows you to cut yourself off from the outside world for a call or a virtual meeting. Although they are not perfectly soundproof, acoustic booths allow you to hold a conversation or virtual meeting with a good level of privacy.

Of all sizes

Different formats of acoustic booths exist. The most common, the solo cabin, perfect for one person. There is usually a small surface and a chair or stool. We take refuge there to place a call or simply to prevent our interlocutor from hearing the joyful cacophony that can surround us.

Mute Box Collab for 2 to 4 people.
Mute Box Solo for 1 person.

For two or four people, a more spacious acoustic booth is available. The size can vary from one manufacturer to another, but it is easy to install 2 benches and a small table. We gather there to hold an express meeting, a brainstorming meeting or to take a break without disturbing the colleagues around us. This cabin format could also be equipped with a work table and a chair to become a compact workstation for occasional needs.

Some manufacturers offer acoustic booths in which can hold a full conference room! These small spaces are an integral part of your office furniture and therefore become a wise long-term investment. Since they can be easily and quickly moved, these cabins are an alternative to gypsum walls. And let’s be honest, they certainly offer less flexibility than booths!

The formats of acoustic booths are varied. From one solo booth to another, which can hold a meeting room, the possibilities are vast.

Whether you use them to create meeting spaces or rather to offer areas of privacy and concentration to your employees, acoustic booths are undoubtedly an essential part of the layout of your workspaces.

Need help assessing your acoustic cabin needs? No worries, our team is here to accompany you and advise you the best possible solution.

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