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Ergonomic work chair: how to choose

Ergonomic work chair: how to choose

Choosing your ergonomic work chair is not an easy task. A host of factors must be taken into account, including the cost. However, don’t let the price hurt your comfort. Think about it: when you buy a mattress, you want to invest in one that will bring you comfort and support for your nights. Why not take the same approach for your ergonomic work chair? Since you will spend your full days of work sitting on this desk chair, you need to think about the various adjustments offered to allow you to make the best choice that will benefit your body in the long term. Here are the tips of our experts in furniture and office furniture for choosing an ergonomic work chair.

Seat height

For most ergonomic office chairs, it is possible to adjust the seat height. When adjusting height, your feet should be flat and your thighs parallel to the ground. If your thighs are tilted downwards, it could interfere with the circulation of blood in your legs. Adjusting your work chair to the right height will make a big difference to the way you work and your comfort will be greatly improved.

Pour améliorer davantage la circulation sanguine dans vos membres inférieurs, ajoutez un repose-pieds ergonomique basculant à votre plan de travail.

bureau de travail avec accessoires ergonomiques
The footrest, combined with the use of a good work chair promotes blood circulation in the lower limbs.
Seat depth

Not all work chairs have this feature, but it remains an essential mechanism. The depth should be adjusted according to the length of your legs. To adjust properly, place two fingers behind your knees; if the depth is right, there should be just enough room for them. This way, the weight of your body will be distributed equally, which will give you additional comfort. More importantly, a well-adjusted seat depth will allow your back to be better supported.

Armrests height and width

Although armrests are not essential for all users, they should be adjustable in height rather than fixed. They should be able to go as low as possible so that you can put your elbows down when you put your hands on your thighs. Armrests should also be relatively soft on the top to prevent too much direct pressure on the nerves passing through the elbow. On some models, it is possible to adjust the distance between the armrests so that your arms are closer to the body.

Environnement de travail à la maison avec chaise ergonomique
On a good work chair, you can find all the ergonomic adjustments.
Multifunctional mechanism

This mechanism is the king of adjustments. It is recommended to avoid ergonomic office chairs that lock in only one position as they limit movement. Throughout the day, our body needs to move to promote blood circulation and increase comfort. A chair locked in one position can cause muscle fatigue and put pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. Look for an ergonomic chair that allows multiple-position blocking to allow you to move throughout the day.

Try it, you will love it!

Since the ergonomic office chair is an essential element in all office life situations, our range includes a wide variety of ergonomic comfort elements. These include: conference chair, visitor chair, computer chair or executive office chair.

When you find an ergonomic work chair that suits you, feel free to sit in it for a moment, imitating the gestures you will make at your desk. To do this, EMBLM has several showrooms at your disposal where you will find several models, come and try!

Chaise ergonomique, travailleur assis
The ergonomic work chair supports your movements throughout the day. That’s why you have to make the right choice!

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