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Conference table, make an informed choice

Conference table, make an informed choice

Setting up a conference room may seem quite easy. You’ll think about having a table, chairs and some storage for video equipment and more.

However, the choice of table is more complicated than it seems. You will have to think about how to use your room: conference with presenter, team meeting place, training room or even dining room space for employees. The use you make of it will determine the format and style of table to recommend.

Take Off Series Conference Table, by Artopex.
Audio/video equipment

Will you need to use audio/video equipment? Manufacturers today offer a wide variety of tables with communication modules with several possible connection configurations. Whether it is to connect the phone, the electrical connections for your laptop to survive the time of the meeting or for the more technos, connect to it the dynamic presentation screen. The wires will circulate below the surface and the connections will then be hidden on the floor by the table leg.

The conference tables allow to hide the wires for an electrical supply, but also for the audio/video cables.
Team meetings

You just want a room for team meetings? It’s time to have fun and use creativity. We could, for example, use a coffee table that would make one think of a tea room, where employees could chat calmly.

Height adjustable tables can also be interesting to make the meeting more dynamic and efficient. Try it! Have a meeting where collaborators are standing and you will see; unnecessary detours and conversations about rain and shine will be avoided.

Equipping a conference room with lounge chairs makes it warmer and conducive to open discussions.
Training room

Your space is limited and you need a multi-purpose room to hold both training sessions but also to hold your board of directors for a meeting, and why not also use it for 5 to 7?

Modular tables are specially designed to meet this need. Assembled with wheels with built-in brakes, they move easily to help you change your room configuration easily. We could also consider using a table model with a swivel top that allows you to fold, move, fit and store the tables to free up space to gather more people.

Modular and foldable tables are a perfect solution for multifunctional rooms.

It will be beneficial to assess your needs before starting your search for the perfect table. Rectangular, round or boat, melamine or wood veneer, your conference table exists somewhere. An expert can help you think about the issue and find the perfect table.

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