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Architectural walls

Architectural walls

Aesthetic and functional

It is now a reality, the architectural walls are an integral part of modern office furniture and EMBLM explains why they should be considered in the next redevelopment of your business.

Any company will one day have to rethink its workstations for various reasons: expansion, maximizing space because of high rent or simply to add a little dynamism to the team. The architectural walls, or removable walls, are 100% reconfigurable and moveable just like your desk and chair. Like the latter, they will be installed over the carpet. Their simple but effective assembly allows to erect a solid wall without affecting the structure of the building. Once the partitions are removed to move them, the walls, ceiling and carpet will be intact: no need to relaunch in noisy and costly work!

Glass, an obvious choice

Nowadays, glass is very much in demand and the reason is very simple: for a healthy and dynamic working environment, it is important to have access to daylight. For superior acoustic performance the use of double glass is also possible. Not to be overlooked, the partitions, even glass, will always be removable.

The architectural walls can be customized to your image.
Your image

The possibility of configurations is infinite! Painted glass, anodized glass, clear glass, varnished glass, even curved glass, everything is there to meet all design and architectural needs. Just like the drywall, electricity can be inserted into the walls, with various switches and outlets. The glass or laminate fronts can be installed horizontally or vertically and the doors can be sliding or hinged.

Architectural walls are designed to meet all design and architectural requirements.

The flexibility and range of configurations offered by architectural walls make them ideal for your design project. If you would like to see them, touch them and test their effectiveness, our showrooms are partially equipped with these partitions and our doors are wide open to you. On-site consultants can look at your project and advise you on the layout that best suits your needs.

To learn more about architectural walls, visit the section of our site on this product Architectural products.

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