Architectural products

architectural products

The division of workspaces no longer rhymes with routine and confinement! When designing an officespace, it pays to look at the topic and do some research to find the solution, the type of wall that meets the needs of employees and the company’s image. With a little creativity, it will be easy to turn the offices into a place where it is nice to work.

The architectural walls are a alternative solution to the gypsum partitions and provide plenty of advantages: they are integrated into a philosophy of sustainable development, allow to create individual work environments like closed offices or meeting rooms, are removable and reconfigurable and offer flexibility in both layout and materials.

As a great way to create privacy spaces, booths can be placed in various areas of a workspace. Individual, it is perfect for holding a phone call, while a acoustical booth of a larger size allows us to meet there to discuss as a team without disturbing the colleagues around.

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