Université de Sherbrooke

Université de Sherbrooke – École de gestion

Client : Université de Sherbrooke – École de Gestion, Sherbrooke
Created by : EMBLM | ESTRIE
Architect : Annie Plante

Photographer : Yanick Lespérance

The University of Sherbrooke is home to several faculties spread over several buildings. One of them is called the School of Management and it teaches administration sciences. In addition to the many classrooms to accommodate students, we must also think about the professors’ work spaces. There are certainly many offices, but we must not neglect the living and rest areas such as the staff lounge.

Comfort first

Different zones have been created, offering diversity to users. Facing the grandiose view of Mount Orford, a lunch counter was installed. To sit there in comfort, EMBLM proposed the Zaz stools. With a high backrest that offers good support and a comfortable padded seat, we couldn’t ask for a better stool.

Who says living room, says armchair, obviously. Right behind it, a large section of modular lounge chairs has been set up. The Zones series is highlighted in this large space. The high backs create a separation with the “kitchen” area and offer privacy to those who sit there. To make the space more convivial, the Fjord armchairs are placed in front. The only thing left to do is to take a seat and hold long animated discussions with colleagues.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collection Fjord
  • Rouillard – Collection Zaz
  • Teknion – Collections Sprout, Zones

For the execution of this project, the architect appointed to the project, Annie Plante, had to succeed in creating a multifunctional living space where it is good to meet to discuss or to take refuge to relax and enjoy the view on nature. Another point of the mandate: to respect the installations carried out in the last years at the School of Management and thus preserve a uniformity.


When designing a staff room where there will be a certain amount of traffic, the importance of the quality of the furniture chosen should not be overlooked. It is essential to choose the right materials to ensure longevity of the furniture. Tables are covered with laminate, a durable and solid material. Chairs and armchairs are sturdy and respect commercial standards, without losing their charm. The choice of covering is also important. The benches and stools are covered with a resistant vinyl, making them easy to clean. For the Zaz chairs, a wear-resistant fabric was chosen. Design and durability, it’s possible.

Designing work spaces also involves the design of common areas of all kinds. Even more so today, the comfort of employees is not to be neglected. Thanks to the wide range of products offered by our many partners, there is no space that our team cannot help you design. Just ask us.

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