Mont-Joli airport

mont-Joli airport

Client : Aéroport de Mont-Joli
Created by : EMBLM | QUÉBEC
Architect : STGM Architecture.

Serving the Gaspé Peninsula, the Mont-Joli Airport has recently undergone a facelift and expansion. With the recently completed work, the airport is shining like new!

The STGM architectural firm was mandated to carry out this project and EMBLM is proud to have contributed to the development of these revamped spaces. We can say that a masterful job has been accomplished. The dark and austere premises have been replaced by a bright, light and colorful environment.

The acoustic challenge

The airport is a lively place where hundreds of people circulate every day. With high ceilings and echoing floors, the place quickly becomes dizzying. It was therefore necessary to use furniture that would help reduce the sound transmission. Felt would have been a possible solution, but Rouillard offers versatile products that are ideal for improving the acoustics of a space.

Products used in this projet
  • Artopex – Collection Take Off
  • Rouillard – Collections Agora Squad, Coast, Ely, Kopa, Vibe, Wisp, Zetti

Wisp work pods were cleverly used to create small work bubbles for passengers in transit. Covered with fabric, these partitions also help limit sound transmission to create a functional and pleasant space.

To add another level to the acoustics, Coast benches found their way into the waiting area, which also serves as a lounge and cafeteria space. The high fabric-covered backs provide privacy for users and serve to delineate spaces.

Quebec in the spotlight

EMBLM is proud of its commitment to local purchasing and this is what we have achieved in this project. Indeed, the choice of furniture was made with Quebec manufacturers. The administrative offices were furnished with the Take Off series from Artopex. This series, manufactured in Granby, underwent a change of look this fall.

In the open areas, waiting areas and cafeteria, various series of chairs and armchairs from Rouillard have been selected. Chairs with a unique, yet timeless style that will accommodate passengers and users for years to come.

A close collaboration between the various parties involved: STGM’s architect, EMBLM’s team and manufacturers, for a truly successful result. EMBLM has left its mark on the Lower St. Lawrence region with the development of the Mont-Joli Airport.

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