Groupe Legault – Mondou

Groupe Legault – Mondou

Client : Groupe Legault – Mondou, Anjou
Created by : EMBLM | MONTRÉAL
Designer : Folio Design

Photographer : Yanick Lespérance

Groupe Legault, owner of the Mondou pet store chain, is extremely proud to inaugurate its new head office in October 2021. The management team consulted employees through a survey to assess their priorities and learn about their vision of an ideal work environment.

After 18 months of work, the new head office created BY and FOR the employees has finally seen the light of day. In a bucolic setting, in the middle of nature, this new building will meet the company’s sustained growth and ensure the well-being of its many employees. Fun fact: employees can bring their pets to work any day of the year!

Unique work environment

With abundant windows and a view of the adjacent lake, the new workspaces had to blend in with the decor while meeting the needs and expectations of the employees. The Axel collection was the perfect choice for the mandate. The laminate dividers and managed electricity in the system do not clutter the decor and contribute to the simple, clean look of the fully open work environment.

Each employee was provided with an adjustable work table, allowing them to stretch their legs at different times of the day or simply to ensure that their workstation was adjusted to the right height for their physiognomy.  

All this without forgetting the addition of greenery in various places, a judicious reminder of the nature that can be observed through the large glass walls.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Axel, Crema, Element, Fjord, Frill, Lancelot, Vortex

Various collaborative zones have been set up throughout the work spaces. From the Downtown high tables to the Fjord lounges, it is clear that the Folio Design team has made the collaborative aspect and the well-being of employees a priority.

Cafeteria, a place to live and relax

A huge cafeteria with 150 seats has been set up. There is no lack of choice. Trees and greenery, lunch counters, rectangular or round tables, lounge areas, benches.

Like the whole project, light predominates. A light gray wraps the Lancelot armchairs while the Element stools are colorful and all different. The Frill chairs surround the tables while the Crema stools accompany the lunch counters.

Folio Design proposed a varied selection of furniture from the Artopex product line. A completely Quebec project for a local company. The EMBLM team involved employees from all departments in order to give life to this large-scale project.

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