Emballages L.Boucher

Emballages L.Boucher

Client : Emballages L.Boucher, Québec
Created by : EMBLM | QUÉBEC
Photographer : Marc-Antoine Hallé

Emballages L. Boucher is a 4 generation family business that has been in business for over 55 years. Their wish in building their new establishment was to allow them to grow while doing things better. It is thus quite natural that the layout of the work spaces was thought out at length so that they could meet their great ambitions!


For a growing company, flexibility is key. This is why the Axel furniture range was selected, without hesitation. A modular and reconfigurable partitioning system that can evolve over time as the company’s needs change. Also, with the Axel tile system, the colors could be changed later for a different look.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Axel, Element, Take Off
  • Global – Collection Duet
  • Rouillard – Collections Ema, Geo, FX, tables Zetti

With the design mandate came a great responsibility: to propose products that were in line with the client’s commitment to the environment. Indeed, Emballages L.Boucher wanted a project that was as eco-responsible as possible. Quebec manufacturers were put forward, such as Artopex and Rouillard. In addition to using local products, these furnishings respect the highest standards of the industry in terms of environmental protection.

Quality of work life

Emballages L.Boucher had given a clear mandate to EMBLM: to create a work environment where the quality of life is paramount and this, for all departments. Indeed, the company had given itself the challenge of improving the corporate culture.

In order to achieve this ambitious part of the mandate, several exchange zones were created in each department. These different spaces were furnished with lounge chairs of various shapes and colors, including the Geo series that can be found in some sections of the project. The staff room is bright and the vibrant colors highlight the architecture of the room.

Also, several meeting spaces were created. Each of these spaces had to be able to be used for more than one purpose: meeting with clients, corporate happy hours, parties with employees, team meetings or simply to chat.

Working closely with the client is the key to a successful project. This achievement is proof of that: the EMBLM team worked with the client’s needs in mind while maintaining regular communication with the client. We are not afraid of challenges and we never run out of solutions to meet your needs.

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