Client :Besatr
Created by : EMBLM | ESTRIE
Architect :Archi Tech Design

Bestar’s workspace design project is the result of a great collaboration between the client, the architectural firm and the EMBLM team. The mission was to create an environment that could express the atmosphere imagined by the architects.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Axel, Cuadro, Element, Fjord, Frill, Tables ajustables
  • Teknion – Collection Sprout

In this new construction, it was necessary at all costs to put forward the greenery. The abundant brightness thanks to the huge windows allows plants to be placed everywhere through the workstations. Thus, they bring colour to the environment, but also create a welcoming atmosphere where it is pleasant to work.

The architects did not hesitate to add different elements of colour to the layout of Bestar’s workspaces. Thus, these colors arranged in different textures bring a unique accent to the whole project.

Hybrid worplace

Our client wanted above all to offer his team a varied layout integrating various workspaces. Whether they are mobile, unattended workstations, acoustic cabins as a place of concentration, a cafeteria that is comfortable enough to work on, or workstations with height-adjustable tables, everything is there for every employee to find their happiness.

Since Quebec is full of reputable manufacturers, the various stakeholders involved in the project did not hesitate. It was obvious that the spaces would be dressed with furniture and chairs made here. Artopex products occupy the majority of the spaces of this project. This proves, once again, their expertise and uniqueness.

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