Users are beginning to make greater demand for quieter environment, and because of this, designers and architects have begun to manage airborne sound inside the office environment with greater knowledge and products. Thanks to the advanced engineering capabilities of Feltkutur’s products, what used to be thought of as an uncontrollable source of unwanted sound is now fair game in the quest to reduce interior noise.

With Feltkutur’s products, nothing has been left unexplored when it comes to finding new ways to ensure a quieter work environment experience. Whether to make your baffles systems, acoustical wall tiles, office furnitures or acoustic walls, the Feltkütur felt panels will allow you to express your creativity.

Acoustics are an important factor in the level of comfort that we perceive or not in a room. Airborne noise is the noise propagated in the air (sounds of voices, noises from a television, circulation noises, etc,…) Sound is a wave that propagates in the air or by the vibrations of an object causing small variations of the atmospheric pressure. These variations travel and can be perceived as noise when they reach the auditory system.

One of the effective solutions to combat “airborne noise” is the use of acoustic overhead lights. High or open ceilings have the advantage of increasing the size of a room.

The acoustic furniture made from Feltkütur acoustic felts allows a touch of design to create and offer products with an acoustic aspect.

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