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Office partitions, panels and dividers

Office partitions, panels and dividers

Office panels and dividers: a modern and airy addition

If you are talking about office partitions, you immediately think of the grey (or pink!) wool-like fabric panels that divide small, cramped, dusty cubicles. Fortunately, times have changed! The arrival of new materials, but also new generations of employees and LEED (Green Building Rating System) standards have helped to refresh the image of office layouts and the means to divide them. The EMBLM group tells you all about these famous office signs.

Separating panel systems

Panel system is a set of interdependent components that will form a workspace: panels, surfaces and assembly hardware. Just like what you probably already know, but with a new image. The intimate panels offer several cover options to create a more modern style: laminate, fabric, whiteboard or glass.

Electricity can also be managed by these intimacy panels that have a pipe at the base or height of the work surface. These office divider panels make it possible to install electrical wires, as well as telecommunications wires, in order to facilitate access for users. These systems, fully modular and reconfigurable, will be an easy investment in the long term. 

The panels allow to integrate electrical and telecommunication wires.
Dimensions that fit the modern office

Light circulation is important, so dividers are available in different heights: 36’’, 42’’, 51’’, 66’’. It will then be easy to give more or less privacy to the workstation depending on the different needs. Adding glass elements can also help create a bright work space. You can even customize the panels with a printing option on the glass of your colors or logo. 

It is possible to customize your separators to the colors of your company.
Desk dividers

The trend is towards ‘benching’ (a system of shared tables), but this offers little privacy, which could be inconvenient for some. Here is a simple and rather effective solution: add lateral divisions to clearly delineate each person’s workspace! In cork, fabric, whiteboard, it will be easy to give a double purpose to this screen.

The division of workspaces no longer rhymes with routine and confinement! When designing an office, it pays to look at the topic and research to find THE solution, THE type of partition that matches the needs of employees and the company’s image. With a little creativity, it will be easy to turn the offices into a place where it is nice to work. For example, when setting up an executive office, you can turn to the architectural glass walls.

Even plants can create effective separators.

This is just a brief overview of the possibilities that the use of divider panels brings to an office design process. In order to make the right choices, why not consult our team of experts who can help you find THE perfect solution!

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