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Home office set-up

Home office set-up

There are offices in the market for the home in department stores, but do they really meet the needs of the users. Several details must be taken into account such as:

  • La pièce qui servira de bureau est-elle assez lumineuse?
  • How many hours per week will the office be used?
  • Is the space provided large enough for our needs?
  • Who will be the users (children, teens, adults)?
  • What are my budget and priorities?

EMBLM does not just sell offices. Our offer goes much further.  Our experienced consultants come to you to make the measurement, to discuss and evaluate the needs of the client to offer an optimal solution.

Some interesting ideas:


When setting up a residential office, we often face a major problem: the lack of space. Manufacturers have developed interesting solutions.

The combined pedestal. At 30” or 36” wide, this storage unit combines the traditional small 3-drawer pedestal, but with one more large file drawer at the bottom section. It can also be declined with 2 small drawers in the top and the large drawer at the bottom, for a less massive model, a little lower.

The mobile pedestal. A work station is frequently set up in a child’s or teenager’s room for homework and studies. To make life easier for the parent who needs to help or supervise the lessons, the mobile pedestal can be topped with a cushion. This provides convenient storage that can be turned into a booster seat if needed. This is called maximizing space.

The mobile pedestals are available in several formats and colors according to your needs.
Sit-stand workstation

When the home office is set up in the family room or in the living room, we imagine that it will serve all members of the family, but will it really be suitable for all those users? The market offers a host of height adjustable work tables (electric or counterweight) with various finishes and dimensions. The main idea is to adjust the height of the table according to the user: it is logical to think that a 10-year-old child will be more comfortable on a lower table than an adult.

Another idea: the child who is hard to keep sitting for the time of homework, with the adjustable table, just adjust it to the right height so that he is comfortable working standing. The same goes for adults. We are hearing more and more about sedentary work that can be harmful to health. Why not take the opportunity to spend a few minutes standing while doing the accounts or to relax while playing games on the computer.

If we want to use our existing office, but the idea of varying the working position seems interesting, there is also a platform on the market that can be installed on an existing table and that will allow us to work standing and sitting.

A compact adjustable table can make a good compromise for the home office.

When installing our office, we must not forget the orientation of the sun. It will be uncomfortable to work with the sunlight that hits our computer screen directly or dazzles us. It is important to analyze all orientation possibilities to obtain the optimal positioning.

Otherwise, the lack of light in the room can be a problem. Knowing that the older we get, the greater our need for light to work. There are several models of lamps on the market that differ in different ways. One will be available in 8 colors to add life to the layout, while the other will favor setting the intensity of the lighting according to the task at hand.

Une lampe de travail sera plus efficace si elle est placée à l’opposé de votre main dominante.

Home office design is not done on a whim as it represents a definite investment. We also want to succeed in integrating it into the overall image of our home while satisfying the varied needs of the various users. Consulting an advisor will definitely be a good idea to save you time and money, as they will be able to ask you the right questions to find your perfect office layout.

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