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Ergonomic work chair, invest or not?

Ergonomic work chair, invest or not?

Why favour a $600 office chair over another one sold in a department store for a fraction of the price? We think first of all about what comes out of our wallet. The answer is often the same for the employer. However, investing in comfort is essential at home and at work. A user is often willing to pay several hundred dollars, even thousands, in a design, attractive, functional and ergonomic office. What about the office chair, the one that supports you throughout the day?

The quality factor

The first one, as you probably know, is quality. The best way to obtain a cheaper product is to manufacture them on the chain, but also to cut in the quality of the materials. This lower quality is found in all the components of the chair, whether it be in the mechanism, the foam or the covering fabric.

After a few years, or even months of use, the economic office chair will tend to lose its initial firmness, the fabric may show signs of premature wear, the cylinder that controls the height of the seat will descend by itself, etc. Think about it. Do you want to change your office chair every 2 years?

The models of ergonomic armchairs are numerous. Here, the Quatra armchair by Bouty.
Chair’s ergonomics

Another important point is the ergonomic properties of the office chair. Manufacturers collaborate with experts to manufacture chairs according to specific ergonomic criteria. Of course, the mechanism must present basic adjustments such as the back angle, seat angle, height and often the depth of the seat to fit the user, but that’s not all. The shape of the backrest, its lumbar support, its natural curve and its height and even the type of foam used are all characteristics to consider when choosing an ergonomic work chair. The same applies to the shape of the seat.

Choosing a quality chair is a wise investment. It is also recommended to try a few before purchasing one.

On an entry-level chair, the backrest comfort will be poor, the seat too wide or too narrow, the foam too soft that will not provide long-term support for the user, despite an acceptable overall appearance and a more than attractive price.

Local economy

You’re almost convinced, but need a little extra argument? Buy local, plain and simple. Economic seats manufactured abroad by lower-cost labour do not promote the growth of businesses in the province or the country. Quebec is rich in resources and manpower, and many manufacturers in the province offer excellent ergonomic work chairs. A huge advantage when it comes to honouring the warranty (which is often greater than a product purchased in large areas) and making repairs.

The offer of ergonomic chairs made in Quebec is great.

While purchasing an ergonomic office chair is a financial investment, it will also be a long-term investment in your health. Your body will thank you.

Last tip: try the chair before you buy it. There are several models on the market. Making the test will allow you to find the one that will suit your physiognomy.

EMBLM provides you with four showrooms where it is possible to come to test several ergonomic work chairs. Our on-site advisors will guide you in your search to find the one that will offer you incredible support for years to come!

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