TBC Constructions

TBC Constructions

Client : TBC Constructions, Brossard
Created by: EMBLM | QUÉBEC
Architect : Hatem

The mission was quite simple: to keep the pure design conceived by the firm Hatem. Simple but effective furniture and a variety of storage units that meet the needs of users are the solutions offered to the client.

TBC gave itself the advantage by building new installations, in its own image. A distinctive design, bright premises, architecture with apparent structures… truly, a company that stands out in the heart of an industrial district.

A classic and timeless design with a combination of white, black and natural wood. Straight and simple lines that do not irritate the eye. Simple materials in solid colors also contribute to the clean look.

As a distinctive design element, Rouillard’s Zetti armchair provides just the right touch of originality to make this project perfectly unique!

Brightness for everyone

The layout of the spaces respects TBC’s desire to allow everyone to benefit from natural light. The closed offices were therefore arranged in the center of the space and delimited by Artopex SKY architectural glass walls.

Products used in this project

« To meet the challenges posed by modern construction by innovating on the basis of an increasingly recognized expertise, by investing in the continuous improvement of our service and by relying on the flexibility of our organization ». These few words represent TBC’s mission, but also perfectly express the key to this office design project.

Promoting collaboration

The judicious use of Artopex benching workstations allows users to work collaboratively with their colleagues. Tall, bulky partitions were eliminated in favor of small, lightweight dividers with felt strips for improved sound absorption.

The right product in the right place, this is what the EMBLM team offered TBC by listening to their needs. Collaboration is important within a company, but it is just as important between the members of the EMBLM team and the various stakeholders for a project that is up to par!

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