MICA financial services

MICA financial services

Client : Mica services financiers, Québec
Created by : EMBLM | QUÉBEC
Architect : Beaudet Faille Normand

To mark more than 30 years in business, the financial services firm MICA wanted to acquire a building that would match its ambitions. Luxurious and contemporary, the new building inspires prestige and confidence and the furniture chosen is no exception.

Highlighting the brightness

With an abundance of windows, the work spaces benefit from exceptional natural lighting. In order to maximize this luminosity, the choice of furniture for the layout of the work spaces had to be judicious.

Functional, yet refined furniture with a combination of white and light wood blends into this naturally lit workplace.

The thoughtful choice of materials for the Take Off workstations is reflective of the mandate to furnish a new building with a modern and elegant look. The white of the work surfaces combined with the natural wood finish and black accent offer a classic yet contemporary result.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Take Off, Uni-T
  • Global – Collection River
  • Rouillard – Collections FX, Geo, Olea
  • Teknion – Collection Zones

With EMBLM’s many partners, it is possible to create a unique working environment. The strength of these partnerships is to offer a complete and diversified product offering. By combining the collections of several manufacturers, the workspace takes shape as if by magic.

Thinking outside the box

Classic yes, but different. The EMBLM team had to come up with a design with these two qualities. For the Signature Room, creativity was the key. The glass table from the Olea collection by Rouillard was the perfect product for this meeting place.

Global’s River chairs complete the design by creating a less formal, but equally comfortable meeting space.   

EMBLM also means succeeding in reflecting the client’s personality through the design of work spaces thanks to the use of various products of impeccable quality.

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