Gravel Bernier Vaillancourt

Gravel Bernier Vaillancourt

Client : GBV Avocats, Québec
Created by : EMBLM | LÉVIS
Architect : Luc Plante, Architecture + Design

Refresh the work spaces and provide a stimulating environment for employees with a professional style to inspire confidence in GBV Avocats’ clients.

The installation of the offices was done like a dance, in different phases. One section at a time, with the objective of not slowing down the professional activities too much. It is a real teamwork that EMBLM realized in this project.

Combine materials

How do you match the integrated furniture made of cabinetry with the freestanding furniture of the Take Off series? This was the challenge faced by the account manager with the help of Artopex. The solution was simple: make sure that everyone worked with the same materials to ensure uniformity in the overall design.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Blitz, Headliner, Sky, Take Off, Vortex

The flexibility of Artopex SKY 700 architectural walls was put to the test. The bases and heads of the walls were covered with melamine strips matched to the finish of the workstations. In this way, the walls are an integral part of the office space design.

Collaboration, a valuable asset

One of EMBLM’s strengths is its ability to work collaboratively. Internally, employees form teams to carry out design projects. An alliance between the account manager, the technical drawing team, the sales support team, and the installation department. Nothing is left to chance.

Collaboration also takes place externally between the various parties involved: manufacturers, architect, designer and, of course, the client.

Professional and thoughtful workspaces. With Artopex, it’s all there! Functional storage that meets the needs of users, two-level workspaces and a perfect combination of materials.

EMBLM also means succeeding in reflecting the client’s personality through the design of work spaces thanks to the use of various products of impeccable quality.

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