EMBLM Brossard

EMBLM Brossard – Boutique galerie

Client : EMBLM, Brossard
Created by : EMBLM | MONTRÉAL
Designer : Folio Design

Photographer : Yanick Lespérance

In order to expand as an office furniture retailer in Quebec, EMBLM wanted to open a new space on the South Shore of Montreal. Folio Design’s mandate was to design an office space that juxtaposed a showroom while offering a boutique experience. This coexistence had to be lived and felt on a daily basis by the users, i.e. the clients and the employees.

Define spaces

In order to guide the human in the environment, the space was worked in zones through volumes, contrasts and transparency. These wisely defined zones accentuate the full visibility of each product while allowing the client to experience the office design. The products in place create a human and residential atmosphere. Supporting the art gallery effect, secondary lighting punctuates the furniture, which is the essence of the project.

Products used in this project
  • Artopex – Collections Axel, Mute Box
  • Global – Collections Corby, Moda
  • Inscape – Collection Rock It
  • Logiflex – Collection Volt
  • Rouillard – Collections Coast, Ely

Several product collections were deployed for this project. We selected our products from our many brands including Artopex, Inscape, Rouillard, Logiflex and Global.

Furniture, lighting and artwork were carefully selected to encourage local artists and visionaries. Rather than relying on an abundance of products and an excessive diversity of finishes and textures, the harmony and sobriety of the space highlight the products and collections. The know-how of Quebec and Canadian manufacturers is reflected in the majority of the space with pride and distinction.

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