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Zones Collection

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Zones Accessories can be used throughout a floor plan. Easels and Tech Easels provide a portable writing surface as well as adding technology to an open space. Coat Stand and Coat check Easel store personal clothing items to help keep a space organized.

Storage Units and Trolleys provide project-related storage and double
as a hospitality platform. Equipped with multiple functional features, these pieces fit
perfectly within Zones Screen environments but can also be used elsewhere throughout the office.

Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture products that transforms the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work. It comprises seating, tables, screens, easels and accessories, as well as semi-private enclosures which can act either as an intimate collaborative setting or as a place of retreat when privacy is desired. Zones’ breadth of offering across multiple workplace categories with a consistent design language makes it unique.

Influenced and inspired by the untethered, modern worker who seeks movement, flexibility and convenience, Zones transitions the workplace from one that’s fixed and formal to a space that suits a variety of preferences and working habits. Components can be combined in limitless ways to create flexible, fluid work areas that exist “in between” less adaptable areas like private offices, conference rooms and high-density workstations.