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Vox Collection

Desks and tables, Meeting tables

Code : VOX-DIS-23-1


With technology evolving at high speed, it’s both liberating and reassuring to discover that one furniture collection has consistently kept pace.

Vox Conference tables were introduced in 1997 long before most manufacturers recognized the growing need for accessible, tabletop plugin points for computers, projectors and other tools for sharing information. Since then Nienkämper’s everexpanding Vox®Collection has remained in the vanguard of design for the rooms in which people meet.

Vox Conference tables are available in 14 different shapes, ranging in size from 72”L x 36”D to 469”L x 144”D. With Vox, you can specify the table bases that best suit your needs — cable-concealing Duo, Tri, Quad or T–leg bases; slim, graceful Taper bases, or freewheeling Caster bases.