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Veil privacy Collection

Panel systems, Privacy screens

Code : VL-COVE

Veil privacy

Restore balance to the open plan. Open plan offices may foster idea sharing but can make focus work difficult. The Inscape Veil collection can help soften the volume of sound and give open plan workers the option to control their space, allowing them to adjust their level of acoustic and visual privacy to suit their work style and as their needs for concentration and collaboration shift.

Cove is a privacy screen that helps people to focus in open environments. Ideal for benching applications, Cove mounts to the worksurface, and slides for easy movement and placement. Not only does it provide visual privacy from distraction and a tackable surface, acoustics are addressed in the smartly engineered curvilinear design. Acoustical material used in construction diffuses the amount of sound energy being absorbed and attenuates airborne sound.