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Solis Collection

Lounge seating, Modular lounge seating

Code : SOL2-SGBH


Solis is a heavy-duty product, designed to stand up to the use and abuse that occurs in intensive-use environments. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it features highly durable materials and construction – and is designed for extended product life, through the replaceability of its components. Metal side frames, as well as both wood and urethane arms, can be field-replaced if damaged. Complete seats and backs can be field-replaced when worn out or damaged.

In the battle for infection control and healthy healing environments, Solis offers an impressive array of features. Removable upholstery covers are available, which can be removed and cleaned – or replaced, allowing the life of the product to be significantly extended. Mesh backs are removable, for cleaning or for replacement. When combined with anti-microbial upholstery, all surfaces can feature anti-microbial finishes, and the optional Splashguard protects the underside of the seat from pathogens and moisture.