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Primacare recliner Collection

Lounge seating, Individual lounge seating

Code : GC3605

Primacare recliner

Primacare Recliners are suited to space conscious environments. They are well proportioned and attractive with contours that provide proper body support and comfort in a relaxed position. Weight capacity is warranted to 350 lbs. The flush mounted, recline release handle, contoured armrests and a removable seat cushion are just a few of Primacare’s unique features. Primacare Recliners are ideally suited to common rooms, family rooms, patient rooms, lounge areas, maternity, intensive care and recovery applications.

The new Primacare™ Wingback has a healthcare compliant design that includes seat clean out, adjustable neck support cushion, integrated lumbar support and forward grasping armcaps in wood or urethane. Primacare Wingback is available in standard, bariatric and two-seater models with ottomans.

Primacare is a ‘future thinking’ seating solution that was designed for change: repairable, replaceable, sustainable and reconfigurable onsite with no downtime. Primacare is built to perform for decades, even in the most demanding applications. A smarter and safer solution. A fold down upper back on the Primacare Split Back Patient chair is tethered for security and drops away enabling the caregiver to safely manage the patient.

For the good of everyone’s health. Primacare is respectful of housekeeping timeframes and workloads, providing a full and easily accessible 360° cleanout with no open creases in the metalwork that can harbor contaminants. Primacare finishes are continuously tested against the most current hospital grade disinfectants and cleaners for integrity and longevity.