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Passenger Collection

Lounge seating, Beam seating

Code : PA-SR02


Artopex introduces Passenger, a seating system designed for the waiting rooms of modern-day airports and terminals. Complete and highly flexible, Passenger is the brainchild of designer Charles Godbout and architect Luc Plante who have come up with an ingenious concept that offers globetrotters comfort and esthetics.

Developed further to in-depth engineering studies and laboratory strength tests, the Passenger system delivers comfort and durability while complying with ANSI/BIFMA. The shell of the Passenger seat is produced from a highly resistant elastomeric membrane (Ultra-Flex®) stretched over a tubular steel structure. Its innovative suspension system offers better support than rigid seats since the backrest interacts with the back, providing excellent lumbar support. As a result, Passenger offers a peerless level of comfort. In addition, the elastomere’s resilience ensures the long-term integrity of the upholstering foam, allowing the seat to retain its shape.

Given its ingenious design, passenger provides the high level of configuration flexibility needed to meet the specific requirements of waiting room managers. The system makes optimal use of available space, favouring the installation of the maximum number of seats without compromising comfort. The main beam allows the modular integration of a number of functions and the addition of interchangeable accessories (armrests, side tables). For instance, the system allows the installation of 1 to 4 seats on a single span, which can be declined in linear assemblies or in endless rows. It also allows for self-supporting back-to-back assembly, with open or closed corners (in L or U configurations).