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Nourish Collection

Lounge seating, Individual lounge seating

Code : GC3681


Nourish™ was developed in consultation with leading healthcare professionals as a “perfect patient chair”. Nourish offers unique features to address a variety of body types, sizes and mobility issues. To facilitate safe patient transfer, each arm can be easily raised back allowing horizontal movement to and from the chair.

Nourish features height adjustable legs that adjust independently to enhance the comfort level of various body types. The bariatric model is only available in 18.5″ fixed height. “Tilt and Move” wheels are standard on the rear legs for ease of movement within a space. Nourish is also available with four manual locking casters and no height adjustment. This model offers ease of movement while maintaining the same exceptional comfort level. Models can be personalized with a concealed depth adjustable headrest, depth adjustable “Schukra” lumbar support and flexible back motion.

Nourish your body with the perfect patient chair.