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Made in Quebec

Mimo Collection

Architectural walls and cabins, Architectural walls

Code : MIMO-1


Minimal. Modern. And so much more.

MIMO is a true demountable wall. Installed on the finished floor, MIMO can easily be moved and reconfigured. This line satisfies all types of walls, glass or solid panels, and doors: sliding; hinged; with pivots; glass or wood.

MIMO walls can also accommodate electrical wiring or plumbing. Apart from being stylish and sophisticated, this line is functional, fully customizable, and perfectly hygienic.

MIMO is a highly versatile and customizable demountable wall system thanks to its unique modular design, and therefore lends itself perfectly to your specific requirements. Engineered to address multiple configurations for different applications, MIMO can easily be interchanged from center glaze to offset glaze to double glaze.