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Jordan recliners Collection

Lounge seating, Individual lounge seating

Code : JOR6-APR

Jordan recliners

Designed in collaboration with several leading healthcare architects, designers, and professionals, Jordan by Krug is a collection that transcends conventional healthcare seating. A comprehensive research and design process has yielded a heightened level of aesthetic beauty, combined with exceptional ergonomic support and sitting comfort.

Jordan – defined as a “healing river” in ancient times – utilizes research-based curvature in both the seat and back to encourage correct yet comfortable sitting posture, with pronounced support for the lumbar and thoracic regions. “Waterfall” seat fronts and a canted seat angle are designed to help prevent discomfort for the user’s hips and legs, promote good circulation while in a seated position, and assist ingress and egress. A slight flexing action in the back promotes an upright sitting position that is still pleasingly comfortable.

Replaceable seats and backs, as well as replaceable seat and back covers, and a full range of other replacement components – all designed to be quickly field-installed – allow damaged and degraded components and materials to be easily restored at low cost. Jordan has been constructed to withstand the rigors of healthcare environments, and has been extensively tested to levels that well exceed established industry standards. Krug stands behind this collection with a lifetime warranty.