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Made in Quebec

Axel Collection

Panel systems, Panel

Code : AX-FT-F


Axel is the newest generation of tile systems furniture by Artopex for the design of open spaces. Inspired and ingenious, this cohesive solution creates spaces imbued with authenticity and movement.

The Axel tile systems was designed to easily complete all your daily tasks: Open area workstation, brainstorming space, acoustic meeting room, relaxation area, manager office, closed office and nomadic station. And more? Keep an open mind to discover all of Axel’s possibilities and variations.

Emerging workstations are mostly focused on the goal of improving collaboration and the exchanges of ideas. Axel therefore offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work. The integration of pavilions defines the space simply through the creation of collaboration or multimedia areas. Let’s meet up at the pavilion?

The integration of pavilions helps solve privacy issues often seen in open area layouts. With its openwork ceiling, every workstation becomes an individual ecosystem that optimizes concentration and productivity.