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Client : NVIRA, Montréal

Realized by: EMBLM | QUEBEC

Architect : Planidesign, Jessy Bernier photographer


Following the redesign of their Quebec City branch, NVIRA tackled their new place of business in Montreal. Several areas needed to be redesigned to better adapt to the new working landscape.

This significant project benefited from the expertise and services of the EMBLM Quebec team who worked closely with the architect. The client had access to a wide variety of products and our professional advice.

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The diversity of our product offering allowed the architect to make a wise selection. As a result, several spaces were cleverly created, including a reception area, open-plan workstations, several collaborative spaces, a library and more.

An inspiring and stimulating work environment

NVIRA Montreal’s new workspaces provide employees with a stimulating environment and multiple spaces that encourage collaboration and learning. Colors and textures are part of the mix, making these spaces attractive: from vibrant yellows for the dining area to touches of aqua in the open area.

The existing furniture matches the architectural details. The lounge area near the reception area features a variety of seating shapes and blends with the angled ceiling.

In the library section, the Axel series pavilions create work bubbles and divides the space. Felt tiles will also improve the acoustics of this spacious room.

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