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Client : EGR, Québec

Realized by: EMBLM | QUÉBEC

Architect : Régis Côté et associés


Luminosity is the key stake of this project in respect with the architect’s conception of the office layout. Despite the 90 or so workstations combined on one floor, all benefit from natural light. The layout of the materials enhances this beautiful luminosity.

Brightness and contrast

Since the employer cares about the well-being of its employees, it was essential to leave room for all the light. The open spaces were judiciously arranged near the windows. The individual offices are closed with the double glass walls of the SKY 700 series.

An original solution has been proposed to the client in order to combine brightness and privacy. To make the main conference room more intimate, an electric self-icing film was installed on Artopex’s SKY removable glass walls. With a simple switch, the frosted glass becomes clear. A brilliant innovation serving our customers.

Open ceilings, polished concrete floors, white walls and office furniture. This is how our eyes are focused directly on the rich hues of the carpet. Inside the individual offices, the rich blue of the floor covering brings out the all-white design of the Air and Take Off series.

Deadline respected

Some challenges were encountered with the progress of the project. The EMBLM team took the time and efforts necessary to work with the various stakeholders and meet the client’s deadlines. Everyone involved pulled together and the offices were functional at the required time.

The passion of the EMBLM team has been put into action to realize this ambitious project. In collaboration with the different manufacturers of lounge seating and office furniture, EMBLM successfully reflected the personality of EGR’s employees through the design of their workspaces.

EMBLM has been able to mark the EGR spaces by proposing various chairs according to the places to be furnished. Downtown and its flexibility for rest areas, Cahoots and its prestige for reception chairs, Envita and its design for executive offices.

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