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Client : Deschênes et fils, Québec et Lacroix Décor

Realized by: EMBLM | QUÉBEC


  • Artopex – Take Off, Uni-T, SKY, Downtown, Blitz Collections

For its Lacroix Décor store in Quebec City, the goal was to update its premises. The new office layout of the showroom had to be in harmony with the design in order to conceal the furniture in the decor. All materials involved were analyzed and coordinated to create a seamless environment and the result is quite spectacular!

For the Deschênes and Fils Québec part of the project, the individual work desks in the open area were laid out with Uni-T partitions and thanks to the arrival of electricity through the floor, no power poles were used. In order to lighten the spaces, the design proposed by our team of experts included partitions with reduced height.

Collaboration first!

To minimize the noise level of open spaces, many meeting and collaboration rooms have been set up. The Artopex Downtown Collection, with its connectivity features, is ideal for collaborative work using today’s technology tools.

The Artopex SKY 700 Architectural Wall Collection creates enclosed offices that fit into the work environment. The percentage of glass used allows all users to enjoy the natural light.

Timeless and visually pleasing

The design of Deschênes et Fils Québec offices is relatively simple so that it retains a timeless side. Color is none the less present. The kitchen, with its exploded colors, gives employees another ambiance during their lunch breaks. Furthermore, the workstations were embellished with small touches of color, whether with glass panels or additions of colored tiles on the Uni-T partitions (lien vers la collection Uni-T).

Always on the lookout for trends in office layout, the EMBLM team has been able to adequately advise its client, thus facilitating decision-making. A successful project all along and a beautiful showcase for EMBLM!

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