Lounge seating

Lounge seating

More than a simple chair placed in a corner, lounge furniture is now a must when it comes to designing work spaces. It is placed everywhere: at the reception, in the work areas or in the staff room.

Lounge chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Individual, they can be easily placed at workstations and have several uses: a place to relax between two tasks that require concentration, or a more relaxed place to talk quietly on the phone. Modular, the lounge chairs create spaces where you can sit with colleagues in a friendly atmosphere.

With a high back, lounge chairs are perfect for creating separation in an open area or a high ceilinged lobby. The use of this type of furniture in the design of work spaces should not be overlooked. The integration of lounge areas can also create excellent collaborative zones. Moreover, several models allow the integration of electrical outlets and USB. All reasons are good to place them in your work environment.

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