Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels

Open workspaces are popular and have many advantages, but an effective solution to improve acoustics is needed. The acoustic solutions are varied and customizable. Sound-absorbing panels maximize sound absorption and limit the transmission of indoor noise, which has become a real challenge for architects and designers.

Of course, there are not only signs, earphones and architectural partitions. Without making an exhaustive list, the various products that can be used to limit the flow of sound in a room are: acoustic ceiling tiles that exist in a multitude of shapes, design and composition, the existing wall panels also in a variety of shapes, designs and compositions, and the sound masking systems that play the role of “covering the sounds”.

Panel systems or partitions are products that are often considered “miracle solutions”. These panels are classified with ITC/NRC performance specifications to assist in product selection. Although these panels have an influence on the acoustics of a space, their effect is often overestimated in relation to the construction of the site itself. The covering and composition of the floor, ceiling and walls have a major effect on acoustics.

A tool is now available to allow you to create your own acoustic environment. Thanks to Feltkütur Illusion, you will be able to configure your space in 3D while adding various acoustic elements. This tool is available here.

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